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2018 AOK-320Wi — LED Flood Lights

  • Brand: AOK
  • Product Model: AOK-320Wi
  • Product SKU: AOK-320Wi
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $332.00

2018 AOK-320Wi — LED Flood Lights

Luminous Efficacy  120-130lm/w and 105-110lm/w optional
Color Temperature 3000K,4000K,5000K,5700K,6500K
Power Consumption 120W  
CRI (Color Accuracy)70 CRI
Replaces (Comparable to)100W PSMH (130lm/w) and 150W PSMH (170lm/w) 
Dimensions12*6*7'', 30*15*18 (cm.) 
Shipping Weight10 (lbs.)
Lifespane Estimated > 62,000 hours of maintenance-free operation  to L70 at 25°C (77°F)
Input VoltageUniversal (120V through 277V Operation)
Product Dimensions
Weight 11.50lb
Length x Width x Height 11.90in x 28.00in x 7.70in
Product Specifications
Power Factor >0.95
Voltage (V) 100-277,277-528
Wattage (W) 320
Life Hours (hr) 50000
Lens Optical level polycarbonate
Case Parameters
Case Dimensions (in) 830*390*260
Photometric Specification
Luminous Flux 41600
Color Rendering Index 70/80
Optional Beam Angles 30*60°/60°/90*100°/120°
Mechanical Specifications
Heat Radiator Anodized Aluminum
Gross Weight (lb) 14.5
Electrical Specifications
Maximum Current (A) 3.5
Driver Efficiency >95%

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